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Whisker Watchers Welcomes You with Open Paws

When You Can’t Be There

Whisker Watchers provides in home pet sitting services for cats and small animals in Philadelphia.

We were founded in 2023 by Mary Beth Boland, CVT, a certified veterinary technician with over 15 years of pet sitting experience. 

Serious Kitten

My Services

What I Can Do for You

Cat Sitting

Don’t feel guilty about leaving your cat behind! Our cat sitting service provides your feline friend with loving care, even when you can’t be there. Your visit includes feeding, litter box care, and playtime. Plant watering is also included in visit fee if your leafy friends need a drink while you travel! 

Cat in a Green Vest

Medical Visits

With a background in veterinary emergency and critical care, Mary Beth is experienced in administration of all types of medications, from oral to injectable.

We provide medical cat sitting visits where you can be assured your pet will receive their medication properly and on time.

Yawning Cat

Small Animal Sitting

Not Just cats have whiskers! We are experienced in small animal care as well. Let us watch your tiny whiskered, winged, or scaled friends while you're away.  

Curious Rabbit

Meet the Team

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